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Monitoring Tips

Security System Monitoring Tips

Monitoring Tips
  • Always have your PROTECTION PLUS ®  pass card available to identify yourself to the Emergency Response Center.
  • Keep your information accurate. Please notify us immediately whenever a key holder or emergency contact person changes.
  • Train all your alarm system users on how to use your system, and provide them with individual pass cards.
  • Your security system has a backup battery. If for any reason your system battery strength runs low, your keypad will sound a notification.

  • We recommend that you test your security system on a monthly basis. Call the Emergency Response Center first station to place the system on test. This will negate the potential for any false alarms and give priority to actual occurrences. Then test your alarm system by tripping various detection devices. After disarming, contact the Emergency Response Center to verify alarm system transmission.
  • An active telephone service, internet or a cellular transmitter is required for your alarm system to effectively communicate with our Emergency Response Center. Please ask your Security Consultant or contact our Customer Service Department before signing up with a telephone service provider, for the specifications required by your alarm system.