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Residential Gun Safes

Residential Gun Safes
Secure Gun Safes

As a gun owner, you will want to find secure storage for your weapons. Look into gun safes. One of the most common charges police have laid against gun owners has been for unsafe storage practices. The reason for this is that the federal firearms law is very unclear about what constitutes safe and unsafe storage. It is often left to the discretion of the Police officer or local police department.

In Canada, the law states that when storing a gun:

  • The gun must be unloaded.
  • The gun must be secured by a locking device such as a  trigger lock so that it cannot be fired and must be locked into a room or container that is hard to break into; or must be locked in a safe/vault (if locked in a safe, there is no need for a secure locking device).
  • Vehicle storage: A locked container with a firearm must be locked in the trunk area or another similar compartment. If the vehicle does not have such a compartment, the container must be put out of sight and the vehicle locked securely.

The last thing any gun owner wants is for guns to fall into the wrong hands, whether that means kids or intruders. Gun safes are a great way to separate guns from ammunition as well. They also can help keep the arms clean in an airtight or almost airtight cabinet. Many gun safes are also fire-rated and flood rated to keep weapons free from damage by flood or fire. Gun safes are available in a range of sizes, safety ratings and price points. They are available for long guns (rifles) and handguns.