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Home Fire Safes
Residential Fire Resistant Safe

Buying a Home fire-resistant safe is a sound investment for any homeowner that wants to protect relevant documents and other essential items in a place where they’re protected from fire. However, not all safes are equally fire resistant, and it’s important to know what to look for when buying a fire-resistant safe to get one that offers the protection you need. Fireproof safes are rated by the heat of the flames they’re able to withstand, what the maximum temperature can be inside the safe, and how long the safe can be exposed to the fire before the maximum temperature is reached. Consider the following when planning to buy a fireproof safe.

  • All fireproof safes are suitable for storing paper documents. Still, if you want to store Media items, DVDs, or other storage devices such as flash drives, you’ll need a fireproof safe that keeps the internal temperature below 125 degrees Fahrenheit (51.67 degrees Celsius) instead of the more common 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176.7 degrees Celsius).
  • Consider what other qualities you want your safe to have. Water resistance, impact-resistant, will add to your Security. A Fire-rated safe is not designed to be burglar-proof. You will need a combination Burglary and Fire-rated safe if you want both fire and burglary protection.
  • The lack of key Security is another major weakness in many lower grade locks commonly sold in Big Box stores. The cheapest locks can be in essence rekeyed by inserting a blank key and tapping the cylinder, the tumblers inside will align to the new key. This allows a burglar quick entry with no sign of forced entry. High-Security Grade One locks use different technology, such as side pins or ball bearings, to prevent this tampering.
  • The size of your safe determines how much you can keep in it. Homeowners often have significant quantities of items requiring protection. Choose a size that fits your needs. However consider that the larger the safe is, the more it will weigh. Consider its weight before buying a fireproof safe as you’ll have to transport the safe into the location you want it, and the floor has to be strong enough to support it.
  • Choose what type of lock you want. Fireproof safes offer tubular locks, deadbolt locks, combination locks, and electronic locks. The safest choice is an electronic lock with a backup lock that seals the safe if an unauthorized person tries to tamper with the main lock.
PROTECTION PLUS® carries fire safes from Amsec, Uscan and Inkas, in the Greater Toronto Area.