Protective Security Products

Protective Security Products

Home Security is a broad category that should entail much more than an Alarm System. PROTECTION PLUS ® installs high quality Alarm Systems, but offers a much more comprehensive solution to protecting what is commonly your most valuable asset, your family home.

Statistically, 65% of forced entries come through your doors (front, back and garage) the remainder mostly through windows.

As a home owner there are some measures you can take to

enhance your security and reduce common vulnerabilities. In addition to Lock Rekeying and upgrades, it may be time to consider reinforcing the actual door, as well as the door frames. Upgrading or adding additional locking devices to patio doors and windows can prevent and deter forced entry. Reinforcing doors and door frames with specially engineered products will go a long way to providing a whole home security solution. Our Toronto Security Consultants can help you with great products likes the Door Guardian, The Window Guardian, Safe Door Systems, Door frame reinforcements and more…

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