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Residential Video Intercom Systems Toronto

Video Intercom Systems
Residential Video Intercom Systems

An important element of Home Security is never opening the front door of your home before knowing who is on the other side. This could not be more important than with young children in the home.

Video Intercoms can provide the extra layer of security and convenience, preventing potentially dangerous confrontations at the front door.

PROTECTION PLUS® offers simple and state of the art Intercom Solutions.

A Wireless Home Intercom System provides a simple yet effective way to secure your front door. Equipped with a speaker, camera and video display, you won’t be in the dark about who is on the other side of your door. The convenience of Auto Snap means anytime the call button is pushed the unit will automatically take a picture and save it in memory. Now you can check the unit when you arrive home to see if you missed any visitors.

The wireless equipment is particularly useful for homes with no or limited ability to add wiring. The outdoor station can be battery powered or use an existing doorbell wire. The interior receiving station is wireless, and comes with a convenient charging cradle. Designed for Toronto weather conditions the exterior door station will withstand temperatures to -25C. It is also splash proof for rain and outdoor conditions.

The video intercom not only works as a doorbell but allows you to see and speak to someone at your front door, BEFORE you open the door. Similar to a cordless telephone the hand set is portable. Take the handset with you to whatever room you are located, or add a second interior station for your home office or the Masterbedroom. Never miss another important delivery because you didn’t hear them knocking. No more running to the door to discover another unwelcome door to door salesperson. Provide your kids with the security of never having to open the door to strangers. The option to add automatic door release is possible. The I-Vision Intercom is expandable up to 4 interior stations and 2 exterior door stations. Ask your Protection Plus consultant if the wireless solution is the best choice for your home.

PROTECTION PLUS also offers wired intercom solutions. Applicable for homes pre-wired for intercoms, or with unfinished basements, homes in building stages, or for upgrading existing outdated intercom systems.

The Comelit systems offer a variety of Video Intercom solutions to suit almost every residential need. With vast expansion capabilities the system can start small with 1 door station and 1 interior station, or have multiple stations to allow for room to room communications and multiple door stations.

Residential Intercom Systems

The HFX series Comelit Hands-Free Video Intercom System brings innovative technology direct to your home or business. This video intercom is not only convenient to use but more importantly, provides an additional measure of security for your family. For residential or commercial applications where access control is a concern, the system safeguards your entrance while remaining user-friendly. Comelit intercoms offer peace of mind because users can safely identify visitors before answering the door. Simply by ringing the doorbell, the system transmits live audio and video directly to the monitor.

Comelit VIP Systems

The Comelit VIP systems make it possible to use your own video entry phone system on a smartphone, tablet or computer, whether you are in the garden, by the pool, in another building or even overseas. The Intercall Apps (available to download free of charge) for iOS and Android devices or the PC-Intercom software, developed by Comelit, can be used to answer calls from the external door station, make intercom calls, view images from the external unit camera and manage gate and door opening.

The VIP system is ideal for busy homeowners and large homes. By enabling mobile devices the need for multiple interior stations is reduced. Use your existing WIFI to turn Ipads or phones into stations. Using the VIP system you don’t have to be in the home or even in the country to communicate with somebody at your front door. Many burglars will try the intercom before attempting a forced entry. If you answer the call on your mobile, the potential intruder will not know if you are home or at the office. Using this App you may foil break in attempts.

We also carry other major brands such as Aiphone and IVision. Ask your  PROTECTION PLUS consultanton how intercoms can enhance your Toronto home security.