Alarm Packages

Alarm System Packages Toronto

Alarm System Packages

PROTECTION PLUS® has a variety of security programs and promotions featuring a variety of alarm packages & security systems to suit your needs and budget. As Canada’s longest-serving Honeywell dealer, we know Honeywell alarm systems inside and out. We offer installation and monitoring of old and new Honeywell, Lyric, Lynx, Vista and Resideo systems. PROTECTION PLUS provides customized security solutions including Intrusion (burglary), environmental (temperature, fire, gas leaks, flood) as well as life safety (fire, carbon monoxide, personal panic) monitoring.

Our alarm systems can be equipped with smart technology to provide you with virtual and remote access, our Honeywell line of security systems includes an entire range of wireless, hardwired and hybrid systems to suit everyone. Our Honeywell line of security equipment is known for its state-of-the-art technology and unmatched reliability for home alarms and commercial security.

PROTECTION PLUS is also fully ULC certified, now offering alarms for the most vulnerable clients that require the highest security systems and monitoring. If you have a Jewellery store or have other high-security needs, ask us how we can help keep you safe and meet your insurance requirements.
Check with our security consultants for any possible promotions on systems we install! Promotions and pricing vary from time to time.