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PROTECT24 – Mobile Personal Emergency Response

Protect24 is an evolutionary product specially designed keeping in mind our aging population, seniors, and physically vulnerable individuals. It empowers you, makes you feel secure, strengthens your courage, and motivates you to live at home worry-free.
If your deteriorating health is increasing the fear of falling or your sight impairment makes you dizzy; maybe a recent episode of illness is discouraging you to stay at home alone—then you need to get yourself the protection of Protect24. It is a simple, easy to use, a mobile device that allows you to call for help when you need it, be it in the day or darkest hours of the night.

Protect24, it a simple, easy to use, a mobile device that allows you to call for help when you need it, be it a day or darkest hours of the night.
Even if you’re a working individual and concerned about your parents living far from you because they are aging, Protect24 helps you stay connected with them and track where they are. It gives you the peace of mind and satisfaction with its simple touch-and-talk feature. So, you can always relax knowing that help is around them.

Protect24’s bold yet handy design makes it easy for them to press it and get connected. The green light enables them to see even in conditions where they can’t see properly and the speaker is loud enough for them to hear without any trouble. The mic in Protect24 is sensitive to catch the lowest of sounds, thus, making it Realtime, user-friendly and safe device.

Protect 24 is a complete, confidential, supportive, mobile medical emergency alert system. It is the safest option for your household due to its fall detection feature. The device owners don’t really have to speak if they think they are in some danger and will fall, the device will automatically detect the pattern and send a signal to the care provider.

Talking about affordability, Protect24 offers the most affordable and top-notch service packages. You can customize it according to your unique needs. Please contact our office for more information.