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Covert Clock Camera

Residential & Commercial Covert Security Camera Systems


Covert Clock Cameras

Every home needs a clock.  Are you wondering if the babysitters are working? Or the home renovators are showing up on time? what about the cleaners?  Using a disguised or hidden camera can keep you informed discreetly. Hidden clock cameras are an excellent form of covert camera surveillence.

Covert Peep Hole Camera

Peep Hole Door Camera

This popular peep hole door camera for home owners and small business owners is weather resistant, looks like a normal peep hole, and has good low light sensitivity. Record what you see and what you don’t see!

Motion Detector Camera

Motion Detector Hidden Camera

This camera looks like a regular alarm motion detector and can also function as one, depending on your needs. It provides 420 TVL colour pictures and is a popular hidden camera for home owners and small business owners that require discreet recording/viewing capabilities. It is for indoor use only.