Cloud Video Storage

Cloud Video Surveillance & Storage Toronto

Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud system

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The Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud Video Management System (VMS) allows you to collect, store, access, manage & review video in a clear & concise manner, anytime, anywhere. The system  integrates your alarm and camera system needs. Enjoy easy access to your video from any internet connection, with one password to access and download camera images. You can also have your video stored safely off site in the Honeywell Cloud, and stop worrying about equipment failure or damage. Automatic email notifications of alarm events can bring situations to your

attention wherever you are located. The Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud is completely scalible: start now with your existing cameras and the amount of space you need now. Have the peace of mind that Honeywell’s MAXPRO® Cloud service will grow with your business needs.

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