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Burglary Safes

Commercial Burglary Safes

Commercial Burglary Safes

A Cash Depository Safe is a must-have for security-conscious businesses. It also may be an insurance requirement. These safes are specifically designed to protect cash, receipts, deposit slips, keys and more from theft and burglary at point of sale. Depository Safes are ideal for restaurants, convenience stores, bars, motels, storefronts etc. Special security features include; an anti-fishing mechanism to prevent any attempt of retrieving items through the deposit tray, and a sophisticated relocking mechanism that triggers during a burglary attack. A burglary safe is a great way to protect your business, clients, and employees.
Ask us about a Cash Depository safe to fit your individual security needs & insurance requirements.

Cash Depository Safe

Key features include:

  • Class B rate insurance ratings
  • High strength ½ inch steel doors.
  • Safe body made from high strength steel.
  • UL certified combination locks
  • Relocking device double locks against burglary attacks
  • Large diameter chrome steel bolts and force resistant handles
  • Hinge side inter-locks from interior to prevent tampering.

Standard Burglary Safe

A Standard Burglary safe:

Ask us about the size and level of protection you require. Our Inkas line of safes can provide an entry-level of protection or We can off
KAS® Titan series safes are an excellent choice for home security. With a UL TL-15 rating, these safes are secure from most types of burglary attacks, including the use of pry-bars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels, and saws. Featuring a layered concrete and steel body these are some of the toughest TL-15’s on the market. PROTECTION PLUS®