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Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks

Commercial Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks

Commercial Mul -T-Lock High Security Locks
Commercial Mul -T-Lock High Security Locks
PROTECTION PLUS ® has chosen Mul-T-Lock ®as a trusted partner and supplier to provide high-security lock services for our commercial, industrial and governmental clients. For over four decades, Mul-T-Lock® has been a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing High Security locking products, physical security solutions and access control systems for these market segments. applications.
Commercial Mul -T-Lock High Security Locks

Mul-T-Lock® is fully owned by ASSA ABLOY. It is a  global leader in physical security solutions.

Why should you as a consumer choose PROTECTION PLUS and Mul-T-Lock Toronto?
  • Over 40 years’ experience, cutting edge technology and 100’s of patents on lock / key technology to keep you safe and free from unauthorized duplication.
  • Patented Key control systems. With strict, factory key control regulations, Mul-T-Lock’s Key Control Systems are engineered to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Duplication of Mul-T-Lock keys is only possible at authorized service centers on Mul-T-Lock key cutting machines.
  • Tamper resistance. Mul-T-Lock products are designed to withstand many different types of forced entry attemps, from picking, bumping or drilling. Mul-T-Lock’s unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism will defeat even the most experienced lock picker. Ten and eight-pin cylinder designs enhance the level of security by requiring a dual shear line match in order for the cylinder to operate. Plus, each cylinder incorporates hardened steel inserts in strategic areas to offer a high level of drill resistance. In addition, advanced protective elements such as mushroom and split plug pins, interlocking telescopic pins and strict key control procedures virtually eliminate the threat of bumping.
  • Single key multiple use solutions. While Mul-T-Lock produces many types of keys and locks for complex situations. They also offer 1 key solutions to make your life easier. With your one Master Key, open your filing cabinet, server room, tool shed and your office door with one key on your ring.
  • Versatility. No job is too large or small for Mul-T-Lock. The vast product line extends to locks, padlocks, and cylinders – both foreign and domestic. High security locking solutions for Canadian, American, Scandinavian, Japanese, and French locksets, all of which can be incorporated into a single keying system, are just part of Mul-T-Lock’s impressive product portfolio.