Digital Locks

Commercial Electronic Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Locks

Is a Digital (keyless) lock the right solution for your business? They have strengths and weaknesses.

On the positive side.

  • Minimize the number of keys you have to track. You can easily assign pin numbers to users instead of keys. This is convenient and quick, requires no key cutting or tracking. If you want to remove access you can eliminate the pin # in the locks memory.
  • Some commercial grade digital locks also allow you to control access by a schedule (i.e from 9am -5pm Monday to Friday) which can be a great convenience to restrict employee and client access. Some locks also provide you with an audit trail, providing a record of user activity with time and date.
  • Eliminates emergency entry problems, a phone call can allow you to grant access to the door instead of a costly and time consuming drive to the facility. Simply give a person a temporary pin number over the phone and they are in.

Drawbacks to digital locks

  • From a security point of view using pin #’s on an access system is the weakest link in the system. Pin #’s can easily be shared by people or somebody looking over a shoulder can see somebody entering their code. This creates the possibility of unauthorized access.
  • While the units today are far superior to predecessors of only a few years ago, they are still dependent on batteries. Battery failure means the digital component of the lock no longer functions until the batteries are replaced.
  • Some units that boast full automation (hands free) have motorized locking mechanisms. In Canada with dramatic temperature and humidity changes, the fit of a door will also change as doors, frames, weather stripping swells and contracts. When a door becomes tight in the frame it may not close fully, the motorized lock may become stuck, burn out, or be unable to lock the door. We recommend electronic locks that still require a manual mechanical thumb turn.

Commercial Digital (keyless) Locks and Electronic Door Locks may be a whole or partial solution for your business. They do provide solutions for many circumstances. Ask us at PROTECTION PLUS® about digital solutions, with or without remote electronic access, and audit trails. For example our Schlage series offers a quality solution designed to work in the Canadian climate with large variances in temperature. It includes a manual thumbturn to prolong battery life and prevent mechanical failures.