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Government Grants

Communities at Risk:

Government Grants

Security Infrastructure Program (SIP)

The Security Infrastructure Program , SIP, is a Federal government funding initiative, administered by Public Safety Canada, that helps communities at risk or victims of hate-crime to secure their gathering places. Included in this program are places of worship, provincially recognized schools and community centers.SIP covers the cost of basic security infrastructure including: lighting, fencing, security film, cameras and alarm systems. If your application is approved then you may receive up to 50% of the total project cost or up to a maximum of $100,000 per project.

In 2017, the following improvements were made to the program:

  • Major costs will now be covered allowing communities to apply security measures to the interior as well as exterior of buildings.
  • Not only the victims of hate-motivated crime but all Not-for- profit organizations associated to a community at risk are now eligible to apply
  • Reduced waiting time—the decision regarding applications will be made within four months period (beginning from last date of each application cycle).
  • There will be two proposals intake cycle each year –from December 1 st to January 31 st and June 1 st to July 31 st . Applicants are advised to apply early avoid any unnecessary delays.


The SIP funding is available for not- for- profit communities that may be at risk of hate motivated crimes. Eligible places include: places of worship, educational intuitions and community centers.

Individuals, public institutions, Crown Corporations, profit-based organizations are not eligible to apply.


Approved applicants may receive up to 50% of total project costs or up to a maximum of $100,000 per project.

Successful applicants must provide detailed evidence of their ability to fund at least 50% of the proposed project. Proof of funds must be submitted with the application. The funding cannot be from other federal, provincial, or municipal government grants, loans or funding.


SIP will cover the following costs of a project:

  • A security assessment
  • Small costs related to the installation of security infrastructure. This includes fee for contractors, labour and required rental equipment.
  • The electronic surveillance costs which comprise of equipment, hardware, alarm systems, fences, gates, lighting. Security films for windows, closed circuit television systems, cameras, relocation of existing cameras, anti-graffiti sealant, motion detectors, signage and landscaping will be covered.


To make the proposal evaluation more objective your application will be reviewed as per following criteria:

  • If the applicant has previously received any SIP funding
  • The condition and cost of current security infrastructure
  • The credibility of the applicant to develop, manage, supervise and document within the given timeframe and allotted budget
  • Statement of Support-the level to which the community members support the cause. However, a statement of support from law enforcing bodies is not mandatory but it may serve as an additional strong document in assessing the application.

Please make sure to attach all the supporting documents with your application. This may include reports of most recent potential threats registered against the project site.
Successful applicants will be asked to submit a final project report to Public Safety Canada three months after the completion of the project.


You can apply for the grant yourself or a professional consultant who can help you in the application process can be recommended. Their expertise will provide you with the significant insights regarding the applications process, with user-friendly guides and

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For more information of the SIP Program


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