Kids using their bodies to make letters that spell the words back to school
Back To School Safety

Back to School Do’s and Don’ts! It’s that time of year where every parent’s brain switches to Back to School mode. It seems like there is so much to do, and so little time! New backpacks, haircuts, and smartphones are…

safe journey

Summer Vacation Safety Tips! We have waited for a long time for Summer to arrive, and for those vacation days to kick in! Now comes the rush to prepare for that road trip or a few weeks at the cottage….

school bus safety
Back to School Safety Tips!

Back to School Safety Tips! September is a busy time, wrapping up Summer vacations, and of course, the mad scramble to get the kids ready for the return to school. Where do you start? And most importantly, how do you…

New Year
New Year Security Resolutions

It’s a New Year and we all pride ourselves on a fresh start. Perhaps you made some New Year’s resolutions. If we may be so blunt…may we recommend some resolutions to increase your security…whether at home or work? Here are…

Storage Unit
How to Add Protection to Your Storage Unit

Being burglarized is never expected, but having your storage unit broken into often comes as an even bigger shock. Most people think of their storage locker as a secure, safe place to put the things they no longer have space…

Security safe
How to Choose the Right Safe

A safe is the last line of defense for your cash on hand and important papers, both in a home and in the office. Making sure you’ve invested in the right one can make the difference between keeping your valuables…

Child Safety
Keeping Children Safe

Keeping children safe is an honourable and daunting task. Here is some great advice from Toronto Police that you should pass on to your children. 1. To never accept anything from anyone unless they have permission from a parent or…