Home Security

Door Knocker
Say No to Door knockers!

Winter generally means home owners get a reprieve from the barrage of Door to Door marketer’s aka Door knockers, that interrupt evenings with offers to replace Hot Water Tanks, sell cheaper energy or provide Free Alarm Systems. So should you…

Crime Proof Home

I hear people comment everyday that they feel safe in their neighbourhood…. This of course stops abruptly when a break-in occurs.  The feeling of security and peace of mind is shattered, and very difficult to restore.   The reality is that…

Fire Prevention

At this time of year it seems that every morning the news reports are about a fire and devastating injuries, and loss.  Here are some tips and recommendations on fire prevention and what to do if one starts. Check to…

Prepare Your Home for your Vacation!

If you are going on vacation, it’s especially important to take some proactive steps to protect your home.  Here are a few things to make your home appear inhabited, and foil potential burglars. Enlist the help of trusted neighbours, family…

Home Security Lighting
Shining the Light on Crime

I read a statistic today from the Insurance Bureau of Canada indicating there is a residential break-in every 90 seconds in Canada.  I find that a rather sobering statistic.  The question we need to ask is how to prevent becoming…

Social Media
Social Media and Home Security

We now live in a ‘connected world’ and many of us are using our home computers, laptops, smart phones to stay connected 24/7. It is certainly interesting and often fun to read about our friend’s adventures through social media sites…

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