Home Security

Summer Home Security Tips
5 Home Security Tips For Summer

With so many Canadians taking time away from their home on family vacations and romantic trips with loved ones, home security is coming into focus. Canadians must ensure their properties are protected when they take time away in the coming…

Maintenance Tips For Your Alarm System

Your home alarm system is expected to help improve the safety of your home and protect the occupants, assets, and property. However, you cannot tell whether they’re fully operational simply by looking at them. As with other mechanisms, there are…

13. 5 Common Home Security Mistakes
5 Common Home Security Mistakes

If you’re a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your investment in a great shape, and you probably take plenty of measures to ensure the people and belongings inside it are kept safe at all times. However,…

11. How To Secure Your Home While Travelling
How To Secure Your Home While Travelling

You’re finally going away on your well-deserved vacation! To ensure that you enjoy every single minute of it and not worry about what may happen to your house while you are away, consider the following ways to safeguard your house….

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