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70 is the New 60!

Many of our Senior Citizens continually reinforce the new philosophy that “70 is the new 80” or even “80 is the new 70”. Not only are our parents and grandparents living longer. They are also much more active and adventurous. As we see our seniors venture off in RV’s and SUV’s for road trips across the continent do y

70 new 60ou worry about their safety and security? Are they not comfortable with the latest I-phone? Well Protect24 has a solution to keep our active seniors safe. No one is immune from accidents or breakdowns on long trips. It can happen in remote areas and on unfamiliar routes, where traffic and road conditions are unpredictable. A smartphone for rescue services is not always sufficient, especially if the user is not comfortable using it. It can sometimes lead to disappointment as you may lose the track of locations, weak signals. Therefore, we highly recommend you have a protection of Protect24—a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)!

Protect24 comes with advanced GPS technology which can share your accurate location with our monitoring stations and helps you get connected with 911 trained live operators right away. These operators are expert in emergency response services and can guide you until rescue services arrive.
The unit also has a highly sensitive fall detection that gets activated instantly in times of dire need. You don’t really have to worry about juggling through the password safety features of your regular smartphones to be able to connect with rescue services.
Protect24 doesn’t require any 3G/LTE data or wi-fi to work. It has its own inbuilt communication system that sends and receives signals continuously without putting a strain on the batteries. In just a 4 hour full charge circle, Protect24 gives you 36 hours of standby service. Daily charging is not required.
So perhaps as you see your retired parents or grandparents planning their next adventure… including the Protect24 system as part of their journey will give everyone peace of mind.