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Burglary Safes

Residential Burglary Safes

Residential Burglary Safes

Ask us about a Standard Burglary safe. We can help with the size and level of protection you require. Our Inkas line of safes can provide an excellent level of protection or we can offer other choices from Amsec and Uscan.

Standard Burglary Safe

Standard Burglary Safes

PROTECTION PLUS ® offers a wide variety of burglary safes. The KAS® Titan series safes are a great choice for a home security. With a UL TL-15 rating, these safes are secure from most types of burglary attacks including the use of pry-bars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels, and saws. Featuring a layered concrete and steel body these are some of the toughest TL-15’s on the market.