Commercial Dual Burglary & Fire Safes

If you are looking to protect your valuables from both Burglary and Fire you will need to find a safe specifically designed for this purpose. Don’t assume that a fire safe is good value for Burglary or that a heavy Burglary safe will offer fire protection. Each threat requires specific engineering and construction materials. Also be aware that a fire safe is rated for temperature. It is designed to protect paper documents, not media or data items such as computer flash drives, photographs, DVD’s etc.

PROTECTION PLUS does offer some choices for Burglary & Fire Safes including; The AMSEC BF® SERIES offers a unique design that combines all the security features of a burglary safe and the peace of mind achieved with a fire safe. The industry’s first U.L. Listed, fire-rated burglary safe offers an affordable solution when burglary and fire protection are an essential part of your buying decision! During Underwriter’s Laboratories grueling testing procedures, the BF® SERIES earned the U.L. Listed Class 350°F One Hour Fire Label and the (RSC) Residential Security Container Burglary Label.

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