Continuous Hinges

In your business you may have invested significant funds to secure your doors with high quality locks, access control, security sensors. But have you looked at the hinges? Many commercial aluminum doors are equipped with “pivot hinges”. By design the bottom hinges are exposed to weather and abuse in addition to the 1000’s of opening and closings each day or week. Winter salt takes a toll on aluminum pivot hinges, corroding the aluminum and drying out the lubrication. One day the door simply won’t open or worse, breaks loose and now the door is easily opened by intruders. By design the pivot hinges are exposed for tampering and a hit with a hammer.
PROTECTION PLUS can replace the old pivot hinge with a Continuous Hinge, which is not only more secure, but virtually maintenance free, and more attractive. Not only do the hinges to outlast other hinges, but independent testing proves that they last more than 25,000,000 open/close cycles — more traffic than most doorways will see in a lifetime . No one else in the industry can match the service of the Select Continuous hinge. More than 25,000,000 cycles … and a never-ending Continuous Warranty as enduring as the hinges.

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