How To Keep Your Jewellery Safely

Most jewellery consists of precious family heirlooms that are passed on from generation to generation. From the pearls you got from your grandparents for your 18th birthday to your engagement ring, your jewellery needs to be kept safe. There are two very efficient ways to store your treasures to ensure that you’re able to pass those gorgeous baubles down for generations to come.

How To Safely Protect Your Jewelry

  1. Safety deposit boxes

    Safety deposit boxes are probably the most common way to keep your jewellery safe. Because they are kept off-premises at your bank or at the office of a security company that stores valuables, you don’t have to worry about securing them at home. For jewellery that you don’t wear often, safety deposit boxes provide an organized solution. The company or bank you’re storing with will keep a record of everything you take out and put in. The only downside to using a safety deposit box is that you can only visit it when the bank or safety company is open.

  2. Safes

    These offer a different form of protection from safety deposit boxes because they are made for your home. Safes provide a place in your house where you can keep your jewelry. Many people make the mistake of either keeping their safes out in the open or behind a painting. Instead, opt for a hidden safe that thieves will never be able to access if they break into your home. With a hidden safe, you choose the passcode and are able to remove jewellery whenever you want. You can also have your home alarm system include special notifications that go off if your hidden safe is discovered. If you’re someone that wears their valuable pieces often, a hidden safe for your home is probably a better option than a safety deposit box.

No matter what option you choose to keep your jewellery safely squared away be sure to keep a record of everything. Store the inventory electronically on your smart devices like a tablet, computer or phone, so that you know exactly what jewellery is in the safety deposit box or hidden safe. Your list should be as detailed as possible and you can even take pictures of each piece for posterity. If you do keep photo evidence of your jewellery, remember to store it on your smart device, preferably somewhere that is password-protected. To learn more about securing your valuables, call us today.