Why You Should Arm Your Alarm System Every Day!

Many of us do the right thing, satisfy the Insurance Company, and have an Alarm System installed. But how many people arm their alarm systems regularly? How many people use their systems every day? We hope you all do…and here is why!armed-alarm
1. Break-ins and attempted Break-ins are not predictable and don’t just occur when we go on long term vacations and take the time to arm the alarm systems. Burglaries typically happen during the work week, most commonly between 12-4 pm. That’s right…in broad daylight. A recent series of burglaries happened between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on a school day. As a result, a number of houses were hit in one neighbourhood while parents were dropping off kids at school. Lights were on, tv’s running, back doors unlocked, and alarms disarmed. Armed alarm systems are proven deterrents to crime and if an intruder comes in, he will generally exit much more quickly if the alarm is armed!
2. If your Insurance company requires you to have an alarm to qualify for a discount. They may want to see the report from the monitoring station in the event you have a burglary. If the alarm was NOT ARMED there will be no monitoring report available. As a result, the Insurance Company may baulk at paying the claim.
3. Tracking the coming and going of your kids, nannies, dog walkers and cleaning services. If you use your alarm and have Smart Monitoring you will instantly know when the dog walker arrives, and when the kids get home from school.
4. Good habits take a bit of practice. Make a pledge to arm the system every time you leave the house for 2 weeks and you will likely have created a new good habit. And have some peace of mind as a bonus.
5. If you use your alarm regularly you will not whether it’s in good working condition or not. Consequently, you won’t be scrambling to get a service call 2 hours before your flight leaves for the Bahamas

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