Is Wireless the Future of Alarm Systems?

Not a day goes by that our clients don’t ask for advice on how to choose an alarm installation. Hardwired or wireless. To be clear, the focus here is not just on cellular transmitters, but about whether the security devices in your building should be done the conventional way, with wiring, or with the newer […]

Introducing the Next Generation Security System…. Honeywell Lyric

Are you wondering when the next great thing is going to happen with Security Systems? Wait no longer…Honeywell Lyric is here! Honeywell Lyric is a new wireless connected platform designed to simplify home security while providing comfort and awareness by controlling connected home products with a single app. individually, each product performs brilliantly. Together, they’re […]

High-Security has a Name… Mul-T-Lock

All locks are not created equal! Introducing Mul-T-Lock! Your house is cutting edge… you have the latest greatest I-Pad, your new Mac book has the best virus protection money can buy. Your I-phone is finger print protected. For your anniversary you got the 70 inch LED ultra HD flat screen, and your alarm system was […]

It’s Time You Looked at Smart Home Monitoring!

If you are still using the same mobile flip phone that was cool in 1998, you don’t need to read this post. Everybody else should take note! Alarm monitoring by a professional monitoring station has never been more important with our incredibly busy lifestyles. But now that experience can be enhanced and made even more […]

Why You Should Arm Your Alarm System Every Day!

Many of us do the right thing, satisfy the Insurance Company, and have an Alarm System installed. But how many people arm their alarm systems regularly? How many people use their systems every day? We hope you all do…and here is why! 1. Break-ins and attempted Break-ins are not predictable and don’t just occur when […]

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Weekend….Safely

Another long weekend and many of us will be going to the cottage or to spend time with family and celebrate Thanksgiving. Are you prepared to do it safely? There are some simple things you can do that will increase your security. The day before you leave, take some time to cut the grass and […]

How To Keep Your Jewellery Safely

Most jewellery consists of precious family heirlooms that are passed on from generation to generation. From the pearls you got from your grandparents for your 18th birthday to your engagement ring, your jewellery needs to be kept safe. There are two very efficient ways to store your treasures to ensure that you’re able to pass […]

Why Good Locks Matter…

Good Locks Matter. We’ve been in the security business for decades now…and some advice is timeless. While technology has created some new security offerings…there is no substitute for the basics of Physical Protection. Locks are your front line of defence in keep intruders OUT! When considering security enhancements there are places where you can choose […]